Coming Soon

So very close now to our Gold release!

We’re starting some marketing material and we’ll be making a trailer soon.



Almost Done!

Here’s a taster of our new tank designs.


The game is almost finished and we’ve been working hard! We’ve got crazy tanks and special abilities. We’ve got three levels for you and your friends to battle it out in and a customisation workshop to set your tanks apart from the rest!

Here are a few shots from our current build.


Above is our customisation workshop. Here you can style your tank to look great!


Here is one of our maps, the Northern Valley. We still have a lot of work to do but we’re getting there. Soon we should have some promo videos of gameplay for you to watch as well as the game for you to play for yourselves!



Welcome to our ‘Tanks For Nothing’ production blog. Here we will share updates on our game as we make it so keep checking this space! Head to ‘The Game‘ page to find out what our game is all about!

Tanks for nothing

Tanks For Nothing is a multiplayer death match game. With customisable tanks and weapons, everyone can build their tank to suit the way they play.